Climbing Hawaii: New Year, New Goals

Every new year we set out for new goals because it’s a “New” Year, but how many of us actually stick to it?

Lets write down our goals this year and stick it on a wall in front of your working space. Everyday look at it as a reminder.
Your goals will also change too, so you might achieve your mark faster then you predicted.
Don’t wait for another new year to make new goals. Cross it off your list, and add new ones. Try to keep moving forward and reach higher and higher.
Don’t just write year goals, write monthly goals, write daily goals! Do more!

This year I hope to make big moves. I hope to grow my company further. I wanted to work to travel and I’m doing that right now.
The photo here reminds me of pushing myself towards your goals. This is me at the top of KoKo Crater, which one person labeled as “Stairway to Hell” LOL! 1208 ft up, a total of 1400+ steps on a wooden railroad track.
The climb at one point was almost 45 degrees.
It was the toughest hike of my life. I had to take about 10-15 breaks, some spots I had to catch my breath; I felt like I couldn’t make it.
These 3 things helped my my mental state push my body physically.

1) Watching others and my friend make it to the top, I knew that I can do it too.
2) Motivation not to fail, I’d hate myself for turning back.
3) Picturing myself make it to the top and being totally worth it. I’ll get to take that great photo I wanted.

Try applying previous challenges you overcame to your work and life. Find your motivation this year and push yourself a little harder.

Good Luck!

Crater Climb, Hawaii #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

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