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Meeting Childhood Friends Through Social Media

St.Ignatius of Australia #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Putting yourself out there on social media isn’t something I’m fully comfortable with. It’s still strange to me, but I’m starting to see the advantages.
My childhood friend Erin, who I’ve known since we were four years old posted a photo of her travels in Australia. At the time, I was staying in Sydney and asked if she will be there anytime soon.
She responds that she’s in the south part and will be travelling up to Sydney next week! Amazing!

A few days later another childhood friend (who also went to the same elementary school as Erin and I), posts a message on Facebook thanking everyone for the birthday wishes. The location is tagged in New Zealand. Again, I ask her if she’s dropping by Sydney and coincidentally she is too! They both were there for a short time with conflicting schedules, but we thankfully were able to set up a date to have dinner by the Harbour.

A couple posts and a few messages is all it took to meet up with people I haven’t seen in over 10-15 years. The incredible part is that we’re having drinks on the other side of the world; enjoying the view of a surreal sunset on Sydney’s harbor. It was amazing to catch up with them, and see how much we’ve grown. Erin is now a Doctor and Christine is a Lawyer ! Whattt? Talk about hitting the success train! Nothing but respect for them!

I think back and this never would of happened if Erin and Christine never posted on Social Media. We would of been 3 friends in the same city not knowing each other was there. From that day, I pushed myself to post and converse more on different social platforms. I’ve always was so cautious with the negative consequences of Social Media but failed to look at the positives. I look at this 360 photo and it’ll always remind me that “sharing” your life can lead to amazing things.

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